torek, 29. julij 2014


Yesterday I stopped at our hometown DM store and saw that they still had the new essence collections. The ROAD TRIP and WAVE goddes collection. There was some awesome things, so of course I had to buy something. I didn't buy a lot, but this is what I got:

I haven't used the products yet, but i can't wait to. The first two things are from the ROAD TRIP collection. The first one is a mini sheer lipstick, in colour: 01 HIT THE ROAD, RED! They also had another one in a more lighter colour pink. It's a small packaging and a beautiful colour, at least I think so. It says that it gives a sheer colour with a glossy finis. Can't wait to put it on :))

Price: 2,20 €

The second product from this collection is a road trip eyeshadow & eyeliner in one packaging. The colour is: I Dont Care! I Love it! I think it's very cool and also I didn't had yet an eyeliner in a pink colour. You can also choose the colour blue.

Price: 2,49€

And the last thing is from the WAVE goddes collection a 2in1 eyeliner. Thick and thin. It's in the colour 03 STAND UP AND PADDLE! There were 3 colours of blue to choose. This one is a light blue, like turquoise blue and I love the colour. 

Price: 3,29€

So this was my small essence purchase. Can't wait to try all the products out and see how they are. 
Talk to you soon, byeeee. 

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