torek, 19. avgust 2014


Hii :D
It was a really nice day today here, which was great because lately we had a lot of rain. So when I was outside, I stopped at the DM store and now I decided to show you what I got :D It's not alot but here we go:
(I didn't even notice right away that the colors of the items match :P) 

  • The first thing is this new Million gloss express-repair-conditioner from Schwarzkopf, 200 ml. It's a spray, which you use on dry or moist hair. You don't wash it off. It says that it is for Immediate combability & Highly concentrated shine. I hope it will show some change, so I can't wait to try it out :D Price: 3,29 €

  • The next thing is a Waschgel from Balea, 150 ml. I didn't have a wash gel before so I'm very excited to try it out. It is in scent of grapefruit and it smells AMAZINGGG :D It's ment to be used on moisted face, neck or cleavage and then washed out. So we'll see. Price: 1,99 €

  • And then the last two things are from the new Essence colleciton Aquatix. I got a nail polish in color 01 MERMAID'S SECRET, the sparkle. I love the color. Price: 1,49 €

And a glitter eyeliner in color 02 MERMAID'S SECRET. It's a really pretty blue and lately I love to use eyeliners. Price: 2,49 €

And that is it :D 
Let me know if you want me to do a review of something??
Take care, byeee.

četrtek, 14. avgust 2014


I got the Essence WAVE GODDES nailpolish in the color 04 CRUSH ON BLUE, and tried it out the next day. The nailpolish comes with a blue ring in the same color. I also used nail decorations from avon.

Loving the color and the decorations :D
Take care, byee :D

nedelja, 10. avgust 2014


I decided to do a clothing haul today. I bought this clothes over the past two weeks and all in the TWO WAY store in my town. The store is having a big sale, so that is awesome. Okay, let's see what I got:

I bought three pairs of shorts. The black and beige are the same type and very comfortable and cute. The third ones are also in beige color with floral print, I love them. Price for all of them: 4,99 €

The next item is a short jumpsuit, with this pretty pattern in different colors. I just love it and it looks very good dressed on. Price: 5,99 €

Then I got two shirts, without sleeves. The first one has this cool black and white pattern, and is a little longer in the back. I worn this shirt with leggings and I think it's awesome. It will also look good with pants. Price: 3,99 €

The last item and the second shirt is long and black with a letter T on the middle. It is cut open on the sides. It will look cool with leggings or pants. I didn't had yet a shirt like this and I love it. Price: 3,99 €

And that's all :D 
Soon I will probably do outfits of the summer, also with some of this items. Let me know if you would like that?
Take care, byeeee. 

sreda, 06. avgust 2014


I've heard alot about the the baby lips lip balm's from Maybelline, also from my friend and it was all got things. So when I saw them in my local drugstore I decided to get one. There are many different ones:

I picked the Peach Kiss flavour, because it's a very nice nude color and I don't have many lip balms or lipsticks in that shade.
I already used it and I like it a lot, it smells very nice and it looks good on the lips. It also doesn't come of that quickly. So I'm very pleased with it. 

Take care, byeee. 

nedelja, 03. avgust 2014


So I recently got this Bourjois paris nailpolish in a magazine. There were different colors, I picked a red one because I liked it the most. 

It wasn't long before I tried it out and I have to say that I love it. The color is pretty and it applies amazing and very easy. 

Take care, byeeee :D