nedelja, 10. avgust 2014


I decided to do a clothing haul today. I bought this clothes over the past two weeks and all in the TWO WAY store in my town. The store is having a big sale, so that is awesome. Okay, let's see what I got:

I bought three pairs of shorts. The black and beige are the same type and very comfortable and cute. The third ones are also in beige color with floral print, I love them. Price for all of them: 4,99 €

The next item is a short jumpsuit, with this pretty pattern in different colors. I just love it and it looks very good dressed on. Price: 5,99 €

Then I got two shirts, without sleeves. The first one has this cool black and white pattern, and is a little longer in the back. I worn this shirt with leggings and I think it's awesome. It will also look good with pants. Price: 3,99 €

The last item and the second shirt is long and black with a letter T on the middle. It is cut open on the sides. It will look cool with leggings or pants. I didn't had yet a shirt like this and I love it. Price: 3,99 €

And that's all :D 
Soon I will probably do outfits of the summer, also with some of this items. Let me know if you would like that?
Take care, byeeee. 

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  1. o zakon :) rožaste kratke hlače so mi najbolj lepe ii :))

  2. Ja jl, mjan so ble tut prc ušeč :D pa še douge majo take, pa rzlične barve :D