torek, 19. avgust 2014


Hii :D
It was a really nice day today here, which was great because lately we had a lot of rain. So when I was outside, I stopped at the DM store and now I decided to show you what I got :D It's not alot but here we go:
(I didn't even notice right away that the colors of the items match :P) 

  • The first thing is this new Million gloss express-repair-conditioner from Schwarzkopf, 200 ml. It's a spray, which you use on dry or moist hair. You don't wash it off. It says that it is for Immediate combability & Highly concentrated shine. I hope it will show some change, so I can't wait to try it out :D Price: 3,29 €

  • The next thing is a Waschgel from Balea, 150 ml. I didn't have a wash gel before so I'm very excited to try it out. It is in scent of grapefruit and it smells AMAZINGGG :D It's ment to be used on moisted face, neck or cleavage and then washed out. So we'll see. Price: 1,99 €

  • And then the last two things are from the new Essence colleciton Aquatix. I got a nail polish in color 01 MERMAID'S SECRET, the sparkle. I love the color. Price: 1,49 €

And a glitter eyeliner in color 02 MERMAID'S SECRET. It's a really pretty blue and lately I love to use eyeliners. Price: 2,49 €

And that is it :D 
Let me know if you want me to do a review of something??
Take care, byeee.

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