četrtek, 06. november 2014


I decided to do a review and step by step for Essence gel nails at home set. When I was thinking about buying it, I only found reviews in german which I don't understand :D First I'm going to do step by step for it and in the end the review. 

Everything you need for your essence gel nails at home: 

With the LED lamp you get instructions for everything you need to do, how, when..

First you file your nails and push back the skin at the end of your nails with the studio nails rosewood sticks. Then you clean your nails with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser.

Next you apply the primer on each nail and then a smmooth layer of the peel off base over the entire nails (don't put too much on). You must remove any residues of the nail polish from your skin. Then you put your fingers under the LED lamp for 60 second (it turns of automatically in 60 seconds).

After that wait about 20 seconds and clean your nails with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser again to remove any residues. Next you apply any essence nail polish (or any other nail polish). You can also use stickers, nail art, toppers... The nail polish must be completely dry for the next step. Do not dry your colour nail polish under the LED lamp!

When the nails are dry you aply a smooth layer of the clear gel top coat over the entire nails (again not too much). Remove any residues of the nail polish from your skin and then put your nails under the LED lamp again. 

Finish: Wait about 20 seconds and remove any residues with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser. The nails are completely dry.  

There is also a french gel top coat if you want to do a french manicure look.
To remove you simply lift a corner of the gel nails and peel off.

REVIEW: I really love this set. I have also done gel nails with it to some of my friends and it worked every time. It's not too complicated or expensive. The manicure lasts about 7 days (maybe more, maybe less) and is really pretty and shiny. It has a great scent. It's also supposed to make your nails stronger. The great thing is that I also used other nail polishes (not essence) and it worked. I also really like that you can use stickers, nail art, toppers...

So thats it, hope you enjoyed it.
Take care.